"PANTS" Pennsylvania North to South

Pennsylvania North to South | A Gravel Bike Adventure

Distance: 333 mi
Elevation: 27,369 ft.
4 Days - 3 Nights

Get ready for the ultimate gravel bikepacking adventure as we embark on a thrilling 333-mile fully self-supported journey that will push our limits and take us through some of the most breathtaking landscapes of Pennsylvania! Join us on this unforgettable 4-day, 3-night expedition where we'll explore the rugged terrain, test the best whoopie pies, conquer challenging gravel roads, and make memories that will last a lifetime. Inspired by The Impossible Route and

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The Route RWGPS

4 Days. 3 Nights. 333 Miles

Day 1

Lindley, NY to Mountain Top Provisions
Distance: 91mi
Elevation: 5,692 ft.

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Day 2

Mountain Top Provisions to Poe Paddy State Park
Distance: 73 mi
Elevation: 6,509 ft.

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Day 3

Poe Paddy State Park to Bearcats Bungalow
Distance: 69 mi
Elevation: 6,348 ft.

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Day 4

Bearcat's Bungalow to Hancock, MD
Distance: 99 mi
Elevation: 8,825 ft.

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